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SCAD Student Media is now accepting applicants for students to join District, the award-winning web news platform in the positions of Copy Editor and Marketing Coordinator for the coming school year. The deadline to apply is 5 p.m., Tuesday, Jan. 18. Applications must be submitted via email to District's editor-in-chief at editor@scaddistrict.com with the application forms in the right panel.

Successful candidates will be eligible for an interview in the coming week of Jan. 16-20. All positions come with a weekly stipend that varies according to the responsibilities involved. Editors must have a GPA of at least 2.5 and be actively enrolled at the Savannah campus during each quarter of their contract. All SCAD students are eligible to apply for any position.

For more information, or if you are having trouble with the online form below, you may email applications to editor@scaddistrict.com.

Download application forms and a detailed description for each position below: • Marketing Coordinator Copy Editor

Copy Editor

Our copy editors are the gatekeeper’s of District. They are the ones that make sure every article meets our high award-winning standards of journalism quality. A basic understanding of AP style is required and formal training will be conducted for those hired. Copy editors are also in charge of managing the publishing schedule and making sure writers and photographers meet their assigned deadlines. Additionally, it’s important that those interested have an advanced and keen sense of journalism, grammar, punctuation and structure.

Marketing Coordinator

No journalism experience whatsoever. This position is someone outside of the news-writing circle that isn’t familiarized with the dynamics of journalism and can provide an unbiased and detached perspective. They must be a powerhouse of ideas, deconstructing story ideas and brainstorming possibilities, figuring out new and interesting ways to present stories and create multimedia content. They are in charge of managing, marketing and advertising campaigns to spread District throughout campus. The marketing coordinator holds weekly meetings with the Creative Director, the Social Media Director and the Editor-in-Chief to discuss future projects and brainstorm new ideas.