“Thank you, everyone who supported me in getting to that point, God,
my family and friends for always supporting me, and the Academy.”

Amanda Shaw
Interior Design / Fourth-year
Craddockville, Va.

crawford“Thank you. And thanks to my fans.”

Michael Crawford
Fashion / Third-year

canik“I would say, ‘I would like to tap dance for you now … and thanks, Mom.’”

Caner Canik
Advertising / Fourth-year
Wilmington, Ohio

pontone“‘Thank you,’ and then I would moon everybody.”

Thomas Pontone
Painting / Second-year
Redbank, N.J.

burlage“Just be like, “yes!” And thank my family and friends and my teachers.”

Meredith Burlage
Illustration / Fourth-year
Lake City, Fla.

creason“I want to thank Tim Burton, because he made me strive to be a good director, unlike himself. And I would thank the people who made this possible and Bruce Willis.”

Brian Creason
Film & Television
Orlando, Fla.