Friday, March 7
Make a living in the arts
“Show Me the Money” panel discussion
Oglethorpe House ballroom
201 W. Oglethorpe Ave.
Telfair Museum of Art grants manager Amy Belnap, Savannah Music Festival education and program manager Gene Pinion and theatrical director, producer and SCAD professor Sharon Ott will speak on a panel about making money as artists. They’ll give
plenty of advice on making starving artists a thing of the past. 2 p.m.

Saturday, March 8
Listen to an indie band
Snails in Folklore show
The Sentient Bean
13 E. Park Ave.
Snails in Folklore are coming up from Orlando. Their music has been described as a “combination of lush melodies layered over syncopated math rock rhythms.” Sounds good, right? Check these four guys out at the Bean. 8 p.m.

Sunday, March 9
Watch an MPA production
Oliver Twist
Trustees Theater
216 E. Broughton St.
Check out this new adaptation of Oliver Twist by Neil Bartlett. The production features original music by professor David Alan Bunn. According to performing arts professor Sharon Ott, “Bartlett’s version is true to the original but brings the story fully into our century. It is swift, theatrical and thrilling.” 3 p.m. Also showing March 7 and 8 at 8 p.m.

Monday, March 10
Put some glasses on a dog
33rd anniversary of dog spectacle patent
That’s right — those eyeglasses your dog wears were patented 33 years ago. Perhaps go to the dog optometrist and get your dog a new prescription, or ask yourdog if he or she is interested in laser eye surgery.

Tuesday, March 11
Be grateful for the creation of basketball
116th anniversary of the first public basketball game
116 years ago today, nine members of Springfield College faculty in Springfield, Mass. took on nine students in the world’s first public basketball game. Celebrate by hitting the courts in Forsyth Park, or shooting baskets on that old Nerf hoop hanging from your bedroom door.

Wednesday, March 12
Hear about industrial designers
Victoria Price lecture
Student Center
120 Montgomery St.
Art historian, author, screenwriter and owner of Victoria Price Art & Design and Price-Dewey Galleries in Sante Fe, N.M, Victoria Price will speak about the origins of industrial design and how Henry Dreyfuss and Raymond Loewy shaped the popular image of America during the mid-20th century. 7 p.m.

Thursday, March 13
Be relieved
Last day of winter quarter classes
Dude, what? It’s over? Nice. Go to the beach. Eat some ice cream. Ride your bike. Work overtime and make lots of money. It’s spring break. Just don’t go to class next week.