image-cc-pizza-saintCici’s Pizza
If you’ve never been to Cici’s Pizza, man, are you in for it. Cici’s Pizza guarantees an “All-You-Can-Eat” buffet for under $5. When you enter Cici’s Pizza, throw away any conventional definition you attach to the word “pizza.” You want a macaroni and cheese pizza, you say? Done deal, pal. Or perhaps you’d care for a signature “Mexican Style Olé” pizza? You can eat seven if you want. The high school kid behind the counter is bound to your will. Once you’ve eaten as much pizza as possible, you can move onto pasta, salad, garlic bread and dessert. What’s for dessert? Dessert pizza, of course. Once you’ve finished your meal you can play a round of “Area 51” or “Cruis’n USA” in the arcade. Now, don’t get me wrong; the food at Cici’s Pizza is nothing to write home about. In fact, if you don’t eat too many carbohydrates in general, you might vomit immediately afterward. But don’t let that scare you away. The best time to visit Cici’s Pizza is after a long day in the sun or after hours of physical activity.

— Chase Chauffe

kooshKoosh Balls
Koosh balls. They are so worth it. Who remembers these? Okay, so Koosh balls were a big hit in the late ’80s, and although they were marketed toward children, they were oddly popular with adults (perverts, get your minds out of the gutter). Their porcupine physique and rubbery texture provided at least minutes of fun for any kid growing up in the Nickelodeon-saturated early ’90s. Why are Koosh balls worth it? I don’t know exactly. Something about the success of such a simple toy in a time where the complex animatronics of Teddy Ruxpin dominated the toy market just seems to be demanding of merit. Go ahead, open up that “odd” kitchen drawer, move aside your chia pet, your super balls, your mood rings and pet rocks, your Furby, your pogs, your finger boards and beanie babies, and find that Koosh ball and give it a squeeze. It’s cool, right? Good stress reliever. I’m sure that when you hold onto those rubbery little tentacles, you’ll be transported way back into your innocent youth. At least for a minute.

— Evan Watkins