By Michael Jewell

Coleman Engle
Major: Sequential art
Class: Second-year
Hometown: Williamsburg, Va.

Coleman Engle is one of many SCAD comic artists getting set to make a tremendous impact on the unsuspecting comics scene. He chooses to tell simple, often sweet and non-committal stories with a lush, economic line that hides microscopic, detailed textures. With the cartoonists’ tool of very simple shapes and the DIY fanatic’s craft of lovingly labor-intensive handcrafted packaging, his mini comics are a big hit. Among a clique of comic artists from Williamsburg, Va., Engle’s work has made an impact with artists and fans at southern gatherings like FLUKE and SCAD zine events, as well as national conventions like the Small Press Expo in Bethesda, Md. While his natural talent and perseverance allow him to approach any subject, he is most at home with all-ages material. His career goal is to illustrate children’s books. At his present rate, he and his peers will undoubtedly break new ground on the subject.