By Mark Ziemer

J.J. Abrams may be in all the headlines right now for his reboot of the “Star Trek” movies, but back in the medium he’s most famous for, his creative team has been cranking out more down-to-earth fiction over the last seven months. Seven years after “The X Files” TV series ended, Abrams has graced us with that show’s spiritual successor. On its surface, FOX’s “Fringe” deals in crime-fighting and the paranormal. But the show, just ending its first season, has evolved into more of a serial mythology about the dark side of science.

Continuing his penchant for one-named series, “Fringe” concerns the work of a branch of the FBI — the aptly named “fringe division” — in solving a rash of mysterious crimes in and around New England. Among the oddities: biological mutations, combustible people, and crazy, half-human beasts. In the wake of such catastrophes, Agent Olivia Dunham, the show’s heroine, is forced to team up with bad boy Peter Bishop and his mad-scientist father Walter to solve the mystery each week. Read More »