By Deanne Revel

Breaking news: A collision that occurred before 1 p.m. at the corner of Drayton and Broughton Streets is under investigation.

“A sedan traveling west bound hit a Ford SUV traveling north on Drayton on the passenger side causing the SUV to roll 180 degrees into the scaffolding outside the Subway on Broughton Street,” said Savannah-Chatham Metropolitan Police Department officer Lemasters.CIMG6842

Terri Sprouse, a Subway employee working inside at the time of the collision, said the Chevy sedan ran the red light at the intersection then running into the SUV. Sprouse said there were four customers at the bar by the window facing Broughton at the time of impact.

Customers Gail and Megan Traxtle, Savannah residents, were sitting and eating at the time of the collision.

“All I saw was this vehicle coming coming at us,” said Gail Traxtle. “All I could do was duck and hope for the best.”

CIMG6831Megan Traxtle observed one woman inside the Subway slide and fall on her face.

Megan Traxtle also had to take her T-shirt off because it was covered in glass.

According to the police department, four people were dining in the restaurant at the time of the accident. Seven people received minor injuries, four were treated on-scene and one person was hospitalized.

“I think what saved us,” Gail Traxtle said, “was the scaffolding. Had it not been there I think the vehicle would have gone right through us.”

“It’s so funny,” Gail Traxtle said. “When we walked inside, I said, ‘Man, look how clean this Subway is.'”

The collision is still under investigation. Charges are still pending. Stay tuned to District for more information.CIMG6836