By Jordan Wannemacher

Oh man, the drama is finally starting to kick in at full force on “Teen Mom 2.”


Leah and Corey are still my favorite “Teen Mom 2” couple. With this said, their camo-themed photo shoot was probably the most ridiculous thing I’ve ever seen on television (well, except the entire show of course).

I’m still in shock that Corey even suggested that they have a third child. Hey, Corey, we’re in a recession, bro. Take it easy. You can barely change the diapers of the two you already have. That ogre needs to put a cap on it.


Still homeless this week, her mom actually tries to convince her that she should choose a lifetime of unhappiness for herself and her son—just for the sake of fiscal security. Why is this woman not helping her? Kailyn is in a terrible situation and her mom’s response in a nutshell is “that sucks.”

None of this is really an excuse for her indecisiveness though. Make up your mind Kailyn. Do you want to be with Joe or not?

I’m starting to think Kailyn doesn’t even deserve the support Joe or his family gives her.


So, has anyone noticed her boyfriend wears the same exact shorts every episode? We’re also all on the same page that he’s homeless, right? Just saying.

Jenelle finally decides to show up at her house after who knows how long of an absence. In her absence, her cute little curly fry, Jace, had already taken his first steps.

And she missed them.

She sat there like the brain-dead burnout that she is, completely emotionless after realizing he could walk. I think I was more upset that she missed his first steps than she was. It is really sad to see that Jace doesn’t even interact with her as a mother. It’s like he doesn’t even know who she is.

Of course Jenelle and her mother couldn’t refrain from screaming at each other for one day, even for his first birthday party. She shows up to the party with a non-age appropriate gift and it was a bust.

I’m still sort of shocked Jenelle’s mother admitted she never bought Jenelle presents as a child because “she wouldn’t know any better.” No wonder this girl went out and got herself pregnant in the first place.


This week’s lifetime-achievement-of-being-a-moron-award goes to Yogi the Bear. I mean, Chelsea. She’s the biggest pushover I’ve ever seen in my life. Grow a pair and stand up to Adam!

Here’s some economics for Adam: Rent pays for the house. Child support pays for the child. They are not interchangeable. Paying one does not exempt you from the other. Wow, Adam, you’re such a bum.

Kick this mooch to the curb please.

After Chelsea throws her roommate, Megan, under the bus for that jerk, Megan finally became sick of Chelsea and Adam and moved out. Good for you, Megan. Glad someone on this show still has a backbone.

I’m still in shock that Chelsea picked the guy who called her child a mistake over the girl who helped her through all of it. Chelsea sure doesn’t mind being disrespectful to her father, but becomes the feeblest human being ever when Adam walks in the room.

Ugh, at least Megan stuck it to Chelsea to prove a point. Now her Dad needs to do the same. Cut her off, sir, please.

“I’ve already disappointed my Dad enough, so I’m trying to spread the disappointments out,” Chelsea says.

Well, Chelsea, you’re doing a pretty awful job.

Just remember, kids, teen pregnancy is 100 percent preventable.