trutempo_facebook_logoAre you a creative, musically-inclined person looking for a place on the web to submit and discover underground music? is looking to fill the void in your life.

About TruTempo was started as a music blog and “clubbing” resource by Dylan Navajas Gluck in 2009. Since then, the community surrounding TruTempo has grown leading them to re-strategize to better suit their readers’ needs.

Starting fall 2012, the team at TruTempo will showcase local artist’s work and cover underground events, providing new and exciting content for readers. This includes artist interviews and features, exclusive downloads, event coverage/photography and event hosting.

TruTempo’s Mission

“Here at TruTempo, we believe good media starts at the source; that’s why we feature exclusive releases and underground classics. Our staff dedicates itself to cover as many local events and feature the best music on the east coast. Our mission is to help underground/up-and-coming artists showcase their talents, as well as helping our readers find new music and events in their area. “

The TruTempo Team

Dylan Navajas Gluck — President/Founder, Contributor (SAV, GA)
Tee Jay Zajac — VP, Editor in Chief, Contributor (CHS, SC)
Malcolm Walker — Managing Director, Event Manager (SAV, GA)
Matt Joseph — PR (SAV, GA)
Brett Doonan — Photography (SAV, GA)
Jimmy Danaher — Contributor (NY)

To submit to TruTempo or find out more visit: