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SCAD Museum of Art dons its Little Black Dress


“Little Black Dress,” an exhibition curated by André Leon Talley and sponsored by MAC Cosmetics, opens at the SCAD Museum of Art Sept. 28.

The exhibit is centered around the iconic little black dress and charts the icon’s movement through fashion history.

“I don’t think that prior to the 1950s the concept of the black dress was there, but it became that concept,” said Marie Aja-Herrera, a fashion professor.

Since then, the little black dress has become a fashion staple.

“Even people not in fashion say ‘Oh, I must get a little black dress,'” said Christopher McDonnell, also a fashion professor. “Every woman has one in their wardrobe, more or less.”

A garment capable of transcending the bounds of fashion and appealing to every woman is certainly worthy of having an entire exhibition dedicated to it, according to Aja-Herrera.

The exhibit will be on display through Jan. 27, 2013 and features approximately 80 dresses from a range of designers including Marc Jacobs, Chanel, L’Wren Scott and Tom Ford.

“Because this is Savannah, you’ve got to picture that they don’t get very many iconic fashion-related exhibitions, and I think it’s a good way of showing that, not just to the students because the students are learning about it, and they know about it, but to the general populous of Savannah,” said Aja-Herrera.

The concept of the little black dress has changed over the years and will only continue to evolve.

“As fashion changes, silhouettes change too,” said McDonnell. “Fashion means change.”

He thinks it’s important for students to see the exhibition and to be inspired by it so they can push the limit of what a little black dress is and means in the fashion world.

“I would love to see far more imaginative and far more creative examples of the new, modern little black dress,” he said.

Aja-Herrera thinks that André Leon Talley is just the man to educate students.

“He’s actually worked with some of the best, iconic people there have been in the industry,” she said. “So, it’s his viewpoint, but it’s a very educational viewpoint.”LBD_Day03_RalphLauren2-e1348697061445


WHEN: Sept. 28 from 7-8:30 p.m. (free and open to the public during these hours)

WHERE: SCAD Museum of Art


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