Video by Douglas Scarpa

The FMX Superman Jam rolled into the Savannah Civic Center on January 12.

The show featured BMX stars Chad Degroot, Tom Howgin, Dave Mahoney and Rob Nolli performed aerial and floor tricks. Before the bikers started showing off their flips and 360s, Nolli got the crowd going with a friendly game of leapfrog over announcer Jerrod Fox.

The real stars, however, were the freestyle motocross competitors. Dean-O Dodson, Tim Dyson, Jake Goodyear, Zach DiPaolo and Brent Schwalm competed in a “whip” contest early in the evening.

The show ended in an FMX “King of the Hill” competition. Each rider got five consecutive runs to show off their best tricks. The audience’s applause decided whether a rider would remain “King of the Hill” or be knocked off by his fellow competitor.

Though the competition was close, ultimately Tim Dyson took home the championship trophy and $30,000 prize after performing a soaring back flip, which brought the fans to their feet.

As the show came to an end, the competitors gave the fans one last thrill and Dyson performed a final back flip for the crowd.

Check out some of the highlights.