The SCAD Mouseketeers are teaming up with Res Life and Housing to hold their very first club event, the “Be Our Guest Ball,” on February 1. The ball will be held at the Student Center from 8 p.m. to 11 p.m. and will be open to all students.

“I’ve actually had this idea for a really long time,” says Corrie Young, vice president. “I wanted to start something like this when I got to SCAD because in high school there weren’t that many hardcore – well, I say hardcore, but – devoted Disney fans. When I got here, and I saw how many different people were inspired by Disney, I suggested it, and the rest of the club thought it was a good idea.”

“We all have really high expectations,” secretary Mallory Paddock commented. “We want it to be a classy event, but we also don’t want to shun anyone. We want it to be something anyone can go to. Of course, we also want it to be relevant to Valentine’s Day and Disney – we want to make sure no one is disappointed.”

Along with the various activities available at the ball, the Mouseketeers will also be accepting donations for the Make-A-Wish Foundation throughout the night.

“It’s such a good foundation,” president Mark McKinsey explained. “It’s inspiring to watch the videos of children who are in unfortunate circumstances and still able to do something completely magical. It’s really inspiring, and it just ties so well with our club and what we aim to do – bring magic to people.”

Students are invited to show up in Disney costume or Disney Bound, but the club would like to stress that there is no official dress code.

“You can come and enjoy the festivities wearing whatever makes you feel comfortable,” Young clarified. “Except your birthday suit. Please don’t make me have to saran wrap everything in the Student Center.”

For more information, check out the Mouseketeers’ blog and join their Facebook page.