If you have been anywhere near The Hive, you might have noticed a tiny new addition to the parking lot — a food truck. This isn’t your usual food truck though, it’s one of two SCAD built from scratch specifically for students.

But why would they place it right outside of The Hive and The Coffee Bar? Isn’t that a little excessive?

Well, it won’t be there for long.

“We are starting here [outside The Hive]. But soon, when the city gives us our license, we will be at other buildings,” explains Jerome Miles, the food truck chef.

The buildings and travel schedule haven’t been announced yet, but students are already eager to reap the benefits.

“It will definitely help out a lot. We are pressed for time when it comes to breaks and stuff. So, it’ll be nice to get a pick-me-up and then head right back to class and get right back to work,” said Liz Gellert, a first-year graphic design major from Pickerington, Ohio.

That was the exact thought process that went into making these trucks. All the food is prepared and cooked the day before and then brought onto the truck. So instead of having to wait for your food to be cooked, like most food trucks, it’s just warmed up on the truck’s heater and ready to go.

While it might not be a five-star meal, it gets the job done.

“I had the pork slider with slaw … it was pretty decent,” said Josh Pierce, a third-year industrial design major from Chicago.

Students might not be wowed by the food, but they do enjoy the fact that it’s something different.

“It’s a nice change from the heavy stuff in the cafeteria,” Gellert said.

The menu hasn’t been set in stone yet, but Miles said they are trying to change things up each week to add variety. This week the food truck is serving pork, chicken and tofu sliders with sides of coleslaw or potato salad. They also have fruit, assorted Lay’s potato chips, Nature Valley granola bars, Coca-Cola products, water and Red Bull.

“The idea of it is to be able to get your food if you’re in a rush. It’s also good if just want a snack and don’t want to pay the full price in the dining room,” Miles said.

The prices for the sliders range from $3.99 to $5.99. And one of the nicest things about the truck is that you can pay with your meal plan, dining dollars, actual cash and credit or debit cards.

You can pick up a snack from the food truck Monday – Thursday 10:30 a.m. to 5 p.m.