Photos by Joseph Jacob

Intramural basketball held their all-star game on Friday, which served as the last game of winter quarter. The top players from each regular season team were merged into two new teams: the Surrealists and the Cubists. The game was split into two, 40-minute halves, and the half-time entertainment consisted of a three-point shoot off and dunking contest.

The Surrealists were comprised of the best players from Green Street Elite, the Korean Student Association (KSA), Tuna Roll, and Brick Squad, while the Cubists were made up of Old School, Campus Bullies, the Chinese Student Association (CSA), and the Free Agents (though no Free Agents showed).

It was apparent in the first few seconds of the game that this match up was different from regular season games. The ball-handling was crisp on both teams, but the Surrealist starters had a noticeable height advantage over the Cubist starters. The Surrealists began sniping three-pointers early in the game, pulling away 12-2 in the first minute. It was a 10-point lead that would haunt the Cubists throughout the game.

The height difference proved troubling for Cubist point guard Chas Johnson, who had been able to work his speed to set up a jump shot or lay-up all season long. However, during this game, the Surrealist’s height made bigger Cubist players like Tyler Burton and Mark Godoy invaluable. Burton would go on to end the game with 19 rebounds, Godoy with 13.

At halftime the Surrealists led the Cubists 65-56.

The three-point contest gave one minute for a player to shoot five balls from the three-point line in five positions around the basket, making the highest possible score 25 successful threes.  After the first round, there was a three-way tie, which was settled by a game of knockout. Ultimately, Surrealist coach, Cory Evans, won the contest.

The dunking contest took place next. Burton slammed two in, but lacked the viciousness of Kyle Drew’s earlier three dunks that led him to win.

The game resumed, with Cubist coach, Eddie Concepcion, starting the best setup to combat the Surrealist’s height and three-pointers: Johnson, Burton, Godoy, Jon Moody, and Weineng Ma.

The Cubists would surge and close gaps of up to 20-points, but never take the lead. despite putting in their largest and most aggressive players. They could not overcome the long-range offense of their opponents. Surrealist point guard, Taron Jordon, sank three three-pointers in the second half, with Dario Ortega and Jamil Primas each getting two.

The Cubist’s Burton ended the game with 20 points, while Surrealist Tardon Jordon had 26.

The Surrealists beat the Cubists 114-104.