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Smooch proofing the perfect St. Paddy’s day pout

Two women kissing a local Savannah soldier in the 2013 St. Patricks Day parade. Photo credit to savannahnow

Two women kissing a local Savannah soldier in the 2013 St. Patrick’s Day parade. Photo credit to savannahnow.com.

For 189 years, Savannah has held the third largest St. Patrick’s Day parade within the United States.  A tradition almost as old, but just as beloved, is planting a big fat smooch on the military men walking the parade route.

With over 25 marching bands, multiple floats, fancy cars, and marching military members, this year’s parade is predicted to be one of the longest in Savannah history. Which means a lot of time will be spent refreshing lipstick.  Here are some tips and tricks to make your perfect pout smooch proof.

1. First of all, lips need to be exfoliated just like every other part of the body.  Take some sugar and some water and mix them together in a bowl, then apply to the lips.  This is a softer form of exfoliation, but it gets the job done.

Serpentina lip color from Lime Crime cosmetics. Photo credit to Lime Crime Cosmetics

Serpentina lip color from Lime Crime Cosmetics. Photo credit to Lime Crime Cosmetics.

2.  Make sure to run some chap-stick, or lip moisturizer, over the lips.  This helps keep the color of the lipstick from feathering and will make it last longer.

3. Find a lip liner that matches the color of the lipstick that will be applied.  Or, find some Sally Hansen Invisible lip liner.  Don’t just outline the lips, but fill them in as well.  This adds a pop of color, acting almost like a base, and will help the lipstick last through multiple kisses, but also through food and drink.

4. Apply the lipstick.  Instead of using the actual tube of lipstick, use a brush. This way the color will layer onto the lips rather than just move around when applied.  It also seeps into the skin of the lips better.  Traditionally, the women of Savannah use red, but sometimes it is really great to switch it up.  Try Serpentina from Lime Crime Cosmetics: a beautiful, sparkly green that can be used for St. Patrick’s and Halloween.

saint paddys for katie-DSC_6194 trustees

People line up along Broughton St. to watch the 2013  St. Patrick’s Day parade. Photo by Crosby Ignasher.

5. Blot the lipstick with a tissue and then add one more coat.  Blotting really makes sure the lipstick will stay in place while kissing.

6. Add a layer of lip gloss on top.  A lot of people avoid this step since lip gloss can be sticky, but this adds one more layer to the lip making the actual color of the lipstick last longer.

7. Smooch away and have a great St. Paddy’s day!


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