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B&D Burgers has Thursday night bargain

District Staff

Written by Amy Stoltenberg

Photo by Bryan Pajari

B&D Burgers is the perfect Thursday night date destination for two carnivore lovebirds, with its buy-one-get-one-free burger student deal. For those flying solo, this deal means dinner for now and a midnight snack for later.

Located at 13 E. Broughton St. and locally owned, B&D Burgers prides itself on what they call “fast casual” dining, offering fresh, never frozen burgers seasoned with their special house blend. The menu offers more than 18 differently crafted burgers, as well as sandwiches, hot dogs and appetizers. There is also the option to “build-your-own” burger, which offers more than 30 different toppings, buns and meats.

“We have a type of burger for everyone. We have house made turkey burgers, veggie burgers, and we just brought in our new bison burger,” said restaurant manager Jessica Pitri.

B&D’s also offers appetizers with a southern soul food twist. Starters include fried pickles, corn nugget fritters and fried green tomatoes, all locally sourced and made fresh daily.

“It’s really good quality American food that’s served hot and fast,” Pitri said.

First-year student Halie Graham said she appreciated the burger accessories just as much as the burger. “One of my favorite parts about B&D are the white bun and curly fries, because they are homemade fresh in the restaurant,” she said.

Pitri has been serving SCAD students on Thursday nights since she started working there six years ago, and watches them come in crowds on Thursdays to take advantage of the deal.

“Some of them come early, right at 5 o’clock, but we generally get a rush right after 7:30 class gets over at night,” Pitri said. “It also depends on the time of year, and whether it’s midterms or finals when students tend to stay home and study rather than come out and get a burger.”

The buy-one-get-one deal for students starts at 5 p.m. every Thursday and SCAD cash is an accepted form of payment.

“Being a student with a limited budget, the buy-one-get-one on student night is awesome because it’s cheap and good food!” said Graham.

The social media and marketing coordinator, Andi Denni, is a SCAD alumni. It has been her goal to continue to bring awareness to this campaign, so that SCAD students can take advantage of this discount.

Whether you have a burger buddy lined up or are simply getting double the grub for yourself, try B&D’s for your next weekend kick-off meal.


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