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Dorm-style apartments target students


There’s good news for students looking to live off-campus in the fall.

In the past year, three new apartment complexes have been built to accommodate students. The Hue, One West Victory and Avenues on 61st are fully furnished apartment complexes with dorm style leases, where each student signs an individual lease and will have housemates with two, three or four-bedroom apartments.

“You’re not on campus, but you still get the benefits of a community,” said Rachel Goldstein, the community manager at One West Victory.

The Hue and One West Victory are still under construction, but both are expected to be finished this summer. They are accepting pre-lease agreements and all three are sold out of one-room apartments.

The Hue

645 W. Bay St.

(912) 662-5142


Located downtown off of West Bay Street, near Fahm, Adler and Hamilton Halls, The Hue boasts a convenient location and lively atmosphere.

“We want to make it a fun atmosphere, something that they’ll like to actually live in and make it a big party, most of the time,” said Tevin Lester, leasing manager at The Hue.

Their pool is what really sets them apart from the other living options available in Savannah. This is the only apartment complex out of these three with a pool and the only to have washer and dryers in each apartment and private bathrooms for each bedroom, so students don’t have to share.

In addition to these amenities, they also have a 24-hour fitness center and study lounge, a coffee shop, and a deli and convenience store. Utilities and electricity are included on the individual leases, with a $25 cap on the electricity, so students who exceed this limit will have to pay.

They have a 12-month lease agreement for each roommate that runs from Sept. 12, 2014, to Aug. 28, 2015. All of their one-bedroom apartments are full, but they still have two-bedrooms for $849, three-bedrooms for $799 and four-bedrooms for $699 per person.

They have community assistants to keep everyone updated with events and to plan and host parties in the complex.

“We’re going to do a lot of fun things with the residents, just getting them all together, having a lot of fun,” said Lester. “That’s our main goal, to have a lot of fun and connect with each other.”

Private parking is available on the first two floors of the building for a fee of $40 per month and access to the buildings is gained through an electric key fob.


One West Victory

1 W. Victory Drive

(912) 236-0001


One West Victory is located at Victory Drive and Bull Street. It strives to create a creative living space for students to thrive in.

“We create that creative space where they can continue to learn and grow throughout their college years, that really gets them ready as a launching pad,” said Goldstein.

All of their apartments are outfitted with modern furniture that has clean lines and pops of color. They have an art studio with large tables so students can work on projects, with gallery space available to show work. They are even a stop on the First Friday Art March.

Their one-bedroom apartments are fully leased, but they still have two-bedroom apartments available for $825 and four-bedroom apartments starting at $599 per person. The individual 12-month lease runs from Sept. 5 until Aug. 28 and includes extended Internet, cable and water.

Laundry rooms are located on the second and third levels and are coin or card-operated. Their two and four-bedroom apartments have shared bathrooms – one bathroom for two-bedrooms and two bathrooms for four-bedrooms – but there is counter space outside the bathroom with two sinks.

On-site at One West Victory is The Florence, “Top Chef” judge Hugh Acheson’s Italian restaurant. This 7,000 square-foot, two-story Italian kitchen and café will serve pastas, pizza, locally caught seafood and vegetable courses. There will also be a patio, biergarten and rooftop bar.

“We want to integrate great food as a way to bring people together,” said Katharine Kelley, the managing director at Jamestown, One West Victory’s private equity firm with properties across the country.

There is a parking garage with guest parking on the first floor for the restaurant and visitors. Private resident parking is available on the second and third floors with card access required. Parking spaces in the garage can be leased for $50 a month and will be assigned to the resident.

A short walk will get residents to Barnard Village, with Montgomery, Gulfstream and Arnold Hall a few more blocks away.

“There are definitely great things about living in an off-campus student living community,” said Goldstein. “It really allows you to grow as a student and to be independent, but to still have great resident events that are getting new people.”


Avenues on 61st

120 E. 61st St.

(912) 335-3661

Avenues on 61st is a four-bedroom townhouse-style complex located in midtown, across the street from the Terrace, on 61st Street between Habersham and Abercorn streets. This complex is just about a five-minute drive out to the mall and a five-minute drive downtown.

“We’re kind of in the middle of everything,” said Morgan Bentley, the leasing manager at Avenues on 61st.

Avenues on 61st does not offer the range of utilities or community spaces that the other complexes do, but they are located right next to Habersham Village, which boasts a grocery store, a yoga facility and a variety of restaurants offering everything from pizza and Italian food to sandwiches and Mexican food.

Each townhouse is four stories and has four bedrooms, each with their own bathroom. It comes fully furnished with stainless steel appliances and HD TV with an HBO package. Washer and dryers are located on the third floor.

“We provide a lot more security, with the individual bedrooms pretty much on their own floor,” said Bentley. “We have individual bedroom locks – each person has a key to their bedroom door.”

They have their own security guard that drives around the complex, in addition to the SCAD security officers that drive around the area, and residents use electric key fobs to access their apartments.

They do not have bicycle racks or a parking garage in the complex, but each townhouse has a two-person garage that can be rented for $60 per space per month. Street parking is also available on both sides of 61st street.

Utilities, trash and pest control is included in the rent, but water and electric is separate and usually runs around $40 to $50 per person, according to Bentley. They are the only one out of these three complexes that allows pets – there is an initial $250 deposit and a fee of $25 per month. There are also master bedrooms available in some of the homes, which cost an extra $40 per month.

They offer 12-month individual leases starting at $675 that run from Sept. 2 to Aug. 29, with the option to sublet for the summer.

“We cost a lot less than the dorms and the other off campus housing, so we’re the cheapest option,” said Bentley.