Photo by Katherine Rountree

The crime logs running from mid-May through September documented a neck-and-neck race for dominance between theft, drug law violation and liquor law violation at SCAD’s campus in Savannah. With nine reported, there were as many drug law violations this time around as there were in the past two logs put together. All the same, drug violations still lost to the 12 reported thefts. Liquor law violations came in third with only seven reported.

Bikes were heavily targeted during these warmer months, the nice weather allowing more bikers to take to Savannah’s streets. The thieves struck everywhere, from residence halls to academic buildings. One theft was even reported at Lai Wa Hall, home to the offices of the president, ombudsman and other executive administration officials.

In the wake of theft and burglaries, students should be vigilant at home and on the streets. Art by Rachel Reidland.

In the wake of theft and burglaries, students should be vigilant at home and on the streets. Art by Rachel Reidland.

The drug law violations happened almost exclusively at residence halls. Turner was the clear winner with four violations, some of which took place in September before classes even began. There was an additional drug law violation each in W at The Hive, D at The Hive, Montgomery House and The Terrace. There was also a violation at an undisclosed “public property.”

And then came the liquor law violations, which, with the exception of one at The Terrace, all came from the freshman residence halls. It was a three-way tie: two each for D at The Hive, Turner House and Turner Annex.

Rounding out the crime logs were three more offenses of a different nature. The first of these was a burglary at Barnard Village. Burglaries differ from thefts in that thefts are simply stealing while burglaries include breaking into a building as well as stealing. This offense probably wasn’t a bike theft, but one never knows.

There were also two weapons law violations in the same day at Turner House – less than 15 minutes apart.

The substance violations are to be expected from the influx of new freshman who haven’t quite yet gotten the hang of hiding their habits. The thefts are another unfortunate fact of life in warm-weather Savannah. Cyclists should always make sure to lock their bikes up securely, preferably with a U-lock placed between the frame and the wheel. Cable locks are unadvisable because they can be easily cut. If possible, it’s also best to bring the bikes inside, especially overnight or for long periods of disuse.

Of the 31 crimes reported, only five happened over the summer quarter – three thefts and two liquor law violations. Were there simply fewer students present to commit or fall victim to crime over the summer? Or are crimes just easier to get away with in the laxer summer months?

Whatever the reason, none of the crimes from May until now ended in an arrest. Reports were filed for the thefts, conduct referrals were made for the drug, liquor and weapons law violations, and life at SCAD went on.