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Savannah dining: B&D Burgers is a casual dinner dream

District Staff

Photo by Grace Baines
Written by Grace Baines

I am not usually a big greasy burger kind of gal. However, I can appreciate very good burgers, and that’s what B&D Burgers serves.

As a favorite dinner spot for my friends and I, B&D is the perfect kind of restaurant for chilly days. The family- and student-friendly establishment has a very casual and warm vibe and it sits somewhere in between a burger joint and a sports bar. The warm and cozy feeling is better suited for dinner out with a group of friends than a date, but either way the overall atmosphere of the restaurant will make you feel right at home.
The service at B&D’s burgers also should be recognized. The staff is fast and very attentive, friendly and sometimes cheeky. We’ve never had any problems with mix ups in the kitchen or slow service, and usually a simple glance at the bar gets someone ready to help.

B&D Burgers is very SCAD student friendly, too. Not only do they accept SCAD Cash, but they also offer a deal where entrees are buy one, get one free for students on Thursday. And with that sports bar feel, if you ever feel the mood to watch college football with a fun group, they are the place to go.

The price of the food is around $10-11 for an entree. The meals themselves, however, are large and filling, with a great selection in the menu. If you’re going to B&D Burgers, do yourself a favor and try the burgers. With 12 specialty burgers named after locations in and around Savannah, there’s a burger for almost everyone. If you can’t find exactly what you’re looking for, you can simply build your own burger, with wild selections like the elk burger. And as a little tip, try the curly fries—you won’t be disappointed.

Overall, B&D Burgers is a solid 4.5 out of five stars for food, a five for service and a four for price. To try B&D Burgers for yourself head over to 13 E. Broughton St. or go to their website at http://www.bdburgers.net/.


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