Photo courtesy of SCAD

Monday afternoon, SCAD’s Arnold Hall auditorium hosted writer and artist Bernard Cooper from Los Angeles. A reading of his latest memoir, “My Avant-Garde Education,” and following discussion exceeded the hour-long lecture and concluded with a Q&A.

With a nearly full room of students, faculty and supporters, Cooper read and commented on the novel in a vulnerable, yet humorous fashion. While the novel addresses large concepts of love, intimacy and “the history and erotic history of Avant-Garde art,” Cooper’s emotion and pride in his work allowed for an enjoyable and informative lecture.

After receiving his BFA and MFA in art from California Institute of the Arts, his writing led him to an opportunity with Los Angeles magazine. It wasn’t until he started his position with the magazine that “the world of art and writing came together,” said Cooper.

When asked for advice, Cooper replied, “Prepare for a long apprenticeship. Whatever art form you’re involved with, there’s always a way to push through.”

“Writing is a craft that takes a tremendously long time to learn and feel comfortable, if one ever feels comfortable,” continued Cooper.

When a member of the audience asked, “At what point did you consider yourself a professional writer?” Cooper responded with, “When I went to sleep at night worrying that what I was writing wasn’t good, but I woke up and wrote anyway.”