Photos by Grace Baines

Written by Grace Baines

On these warm spring days the idea of sitting in a quintessential French café sounds fairly delightful. Thankfully Savannah has one of its own and they’re happy to help you enjoy the day with fine cuisine. Whether you are hoping for a hearty lunch or something sweet to nibble on, Papillote has something for everyone.

The restaurant has become a Broughton Street favorite in the six years it has been open for business; and with the comfortable décor and wonderful menu, why wouldn’t it be? The owner and head chef, Derrick Dahl, said that they already get lots of SCAD students coming in and visiting.

Papillote 2I asked if there was anything the SCAD community could do to potentially add to the overall experience.

“It would be really funny if someone showed up dressed up like a mime,”  Dahl said.

Though the building came to Papillote fully functioning, the restaurant has added its own unique style to space by using large photos of the menu items and of France. The furniture lends itself to the overall sense that you’ve stumbled into a French dining room or tiny side café instead of a Savannah restaurant.

When you enter you are greeted by the smell of fresh bread and sweets baking, and by the sound of French singers crooning over the speakers to typical Parisian music. You find yourself glancing back out the door hoping to see a French square. The atmosphere not only adds to the overall charm, but also the very taste of the food.

The menu is full of tasty French food to either to sit and eat, or to go. Papillote offers sandwiches, salads and — of course — a variety of desserts. As a chocoholic, I personally recommend the chocolate mousse. It’s rich and creamy and extraordinarily filling. The macarons are not to be missed either, with a perfect burst of flavor and crunch in their texture.

Dahl recommends whatever they have set as the daily special. “I design them around whatever I feel like eating that day,” he said.

Papillote 1He also noted that the SCAD favorites seem to be the Chic Chicken Salad, Le Parisien or the Daily Special. For a healthy lunch I have to recommend the Loaded Baguette, which is stuffed with cheeses, meats and vegetables. It is a daily special, so unfortunately it’s not available every day; but when you can, order it.

Papillote only graces us with their tasty delights Wednesday through Sunday. Their hours make for a perfect luncheon or early dinner being open from 10:30 a.m. to 7:00 p.m. on the weekdays, and from 9:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. on the weekends. For a casual and relaxed lunch date, this is the place I would recommend. They might even turn on the French love songs for you.

Dahl also mentioned that if you have your student ID, you get a 10 percent discount on your meal.

If you find yourself in need of a snack while downtown, head to Papillote and immerse yourself in the French cuisine and an environment of totally chic Paris. You will not be disappointed.