Written and photographed by Grace Baines

The season for barbecue and cool drinks is here and with it I found myself hoping for
some good old-fashioned soul food. So during my lunch break from class, I wandered over to a new favorite: Clary’s Café on Abercorn Street.

Clary’s is the type of tiny diner your grandparents would’ve grown up with (jukebox and
all) and though the times have changed, the recipes have not. And let me tell you, they serve some seriously good food.

Sav Dining3The interior design may not be the quirky atmosphere of your favorite coffee shop, but it has a distinct charm that matches an overall feel-good atmosphere. The servers are sweet, friendly and very fast. Other patrons typically include tourists from the trolley stop less than a block away from the diner. But don’t be fooled, the locals show for laid back lunches as well.

When it comes to the menu, I’ve got good news, they serve breakfast all day. Yes. It’s true, your favorite meal of the day just got more exciting. With huge portions, their meals are guaranteed to fill you up. Kylie Hudson, a first-year interior design student from Westmont, Illinois, recommends their BLT, although she says the orange juice was a little disappointing. I had the pulled pork sandwich and that was some serious soul food. Another frequent diner recommended their club sandwich.

The item that I recommend is their famous Jumbo Homemade Éclair. This thing is too big for one person, not that I didn’t try and eat it all myself; it was not only extraordinarily tasty, but seriously filling. It’s the kind of dish that you see and immediately develop a craving for, and when they bring it out your brain mumbles, “We’re gonna need a bigger stomach.” It’s an old favorite that you just can’t say no to, even though you know you totally don’t need it. If you can’t finish your meal, or don’t have time to sit and eat, the servers will happily make your meal to go.

Sav Dining2Within easy walking distance of Morris Hall, Haymans Hall and the Clarence Thomas Center, this fun diner makes for a great lunch or brunch stop for SCAD students. Present your ID when you pay at the counter. Another plus at Clary’s is a 10 percent student discount.

If Clary’s sounds like what you’re craving try and go earlier rather than later. This establishment opens at 7 a.m. on weekdays, 8 a.m. on weekends and closes at 4 p.m. everyday.

If you want to give Clary’s a try, or just want to check out that giant éclair, go to their website or simply make your way down to 404 Abercorn Street.