Photographed & written by Grace Baines

Brunch is the best of both worlds: breakfast food at lunch that allows for the notion of sleeping until 11 a.m. and a cutesy name that makes it sound mature and classy. Brunch is a college student’s best friend. It speaks of 11 a.m. classes and eight hours of sleep even though your head hit the pillow at 3 a.m. So where, you may wonder, is the best place in Savannah to get a brunchy type meal? I’m going to go with The Funky Brunch Cafe.

By the name and location alone you can guess that the restaurant caters to the art community. Located next to the Blick store on Broughton Street, the restaurant lives on a tie dyed, all around “funky” appeal. With spray painted solar systems on the wall and servers wearing leis and Hawaiian print shirts, the interior of the space carries a fun feeling with a taste of 1960s flare. To  menu itself has a playful nature. My personal favorite is the aptly named “Traitor” eggs, or the Eggs Benedict (eat your heart out revolutionary war buffs). The large tables and open floor plan makes for a great place to go with large groups for a memorable meal.

Food-wise I will admit I’ve only sampled their breakfasts. But, after eating so much tasty breakfast goodness that I could barely walk out of there, I can assure you it’s very good food. I chowed on the French Toast, a personal favorite, and some well crisped bacon.

To appeal to our interior food artists we had to try a Funky Brunch special: drawing with pancake batter. With tables that have griddles in the middle, and eight ounces of pancake batter it turns out breakfast gets a whole lot more interesting. In the spooky spirit of Halloween (when I was there) my food critic partner in crime and I had a blast drawing ghosts, pumpkins and the SCAD Bee (poorly) and then devouring our tasty creations.

If you’re looking for an interesting twist to breakfast I highly recommend that route. It certainly kept the table energized. As my food partner in crime, Victoria Verga — a second-year advertising major from San Paulo, Brazil — said “It’s a great place to go with friends, it’s fun!” The sentiment seemed to be shared by nearby tables as the whole restaurant was filled with laughter and animated conversation.

Interested in giving the The Funky Brunch Cafe a try of your own? Head over to Broughton Street, It’s on the Trustees side of the street, right next to Blick. They even have parking!

For more information you can visit their website.