Photos by Quint Scott

The SCAD Museum of Art debuted an intimate exhibition titled “Tête-à-tête” in the Andre Leon Talley Gallery on Jan. 12, 2016. Defined as a conversation between two people, “Tête-à-tête” explores the dialogue between fine arts and fashion by discovering the relationship and similarity between historic and modern artworks.

Much like a conversation with friends, the exhibition naturally flows between topics and time periods as you wander through the area. An interesting rendezvous to eavesdrop in is the exchange between Andy Warhol, Pierre Cardin and Louis Vuitton. Warhol’s “Reigning Queens” (Queen Beatrix) of 1985 sets the tone for an exciting chat between the three with its flamboyant colors and ’80s vibe, while the Louis Vuitton dress designed by Nicolas Ghesquière for Spring/Summer 2015 serves as the hyper-intellectual, downtown cool. Contrasting the two, Cardin’s classic, yet ultramodern shift dress circa 1960 remains elegant in its simplicity with the use of PVC material — a material that was innovative at the time. The trio maintains a balance despite the decade difference, just like when you see your best friends after a few years.

A fascinating topic of discussion is the earliest painting in SCAD’s permanent art collection, Portrait of Henry Frederick, Prince of Wales c. 1610 by painter Robert Peake the Elder. Encapsulated in a box below Peake’s painting lays a pair of Marc Jacobs embellished colonial shoes, worn by the designer himself. The two break the barrier of time in the sense that Jacobs’ shoes easily relate to the Fauntleroy’s exuberant attire. Perhaps Jacobs adorned the pilgrim-like shoes with jewels to make a statement that with style, a commoners necessities can be transformed into a high-class staple. Little did he know his staple shoe would be a perfect purchase for the Prince of Wales to wear around his kingdom.

Tête-à-tête will remain on display until Jan. 31, 2016. To get more information on the exhibition and other artists involved, visit the SCAD Museum of Art website.