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‘Document’ hosts release party


Image courtesy of SCAD

Written by Cherrelle Rand 

On Friday, Feb. 12, the SCAD writing program hosted the release party for Volume 6 of “Document” at the Gutstein Gallery. Writing professor Lee Griffith introduced each graduate students who came to the podium to read excepts from their narratives.

Document” is the SCAD writing program’s graduate journal that features original content. Attendants listened as participants read selections of their newly published work.

“We never announce a pre-determined theme for ‘Document,’ but one always emerges. We try to cultivate that theme as we select pieces and edit them.” said Griffith.

This year the contributors seemed to be focused on the ideas and feelings of travel and place.

“Domenica Devine meditates on her experiences in the airports of L.A. and Hanoi. Alex Keith writes a fashion feature about the artisan culture in Lyon, France in ‘Le Village des Créateurs.’ And Glennis Lofland essays ideas of identity and homecoming in ‘And Back Again.’ Even Nancy Peck’s profile of an eccentric “Moon Rock Wrangler” resonates with ideas of space, place, and identity,” said Griffith.

Attendants followed along as the M.F.A candidates read selections of their published works while eating refreshments. Guests were able to pick up free copies of the latest edition of the journal.

The event was free and open to the public. For more information on the SCAD writing program visit their website.


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