Written and photographed by Gracie Wachtel

On Feb. 16, the SCAD Museum of Art hosted the reception introducing this year’s showcases, presentations, productions and events making up the annual deFINE ART. The event exhibited the works of Daniel Arsham, Roberto Behar and Rosario Marquardt, Steven and William Ladd, Lavar Munroe, Cornelia Parker, Robin Rhode, Alec Soth, Corinne Wasmuht and — with special recognition — this year’s guest of honor and keynote speaker Carrie Mae Weems.

DeFINE ART 2016 took place between Feb. 16-19, and the reactions toward the reception and this year’s art was positive.

“There’s a fantastic quality to it. It’s very surreal, and it’s a place you want to go,” said third-year advertising major Noah Brennan from Gainesville, Florida, when exposed to Corinne Wasmuht’s “Gewalt.”

“The longer you look at it, the more you see. Her colors move, pulsate, and merge,” said third-year architecture major Barrett Higginbotham from Starkville, Mississippi, alongside Brennan.

Third-year photography major Emily Galvin from Orlando, Florida and third-year fashion major Jackson McCabe from Clemmons, North Carolina could not agree more with the students viewing Wasmuht’s work beside them.

These SCAD students of varying majors are among many that were in pure awe and intrigue at the work of the artists. Keep an eye out for deFINE ART 2017 and contact the SCAD Museum of Art for further information.