Ten from the Top is the weekly column of the very honest and often snarky thoughts of District’s editor-in-chief.

With the warmer weather (thank goodness) comes the inevitable Spring fever. We are getting close-ish to the end of the quarter and the exciting idea of Spring Break is almost here. Now, while you pull all-nighters and quietly breathe through panic attacks, here are some ideas of what you can do in that oh-so-sweet week of freedom.

1. Take a well deserved break

Now that you will finally have a week to sleep make sure to plan some break time. Try that coffee shop you didn’t get to yet or that Netflix series that you have just been itching to watch.

2. Go home to the family

Just enough time to get home for some good meals and for your mom to wash everything you forgot to this past quarter.

3. Go home to someone else’s family

Even better then your family is other people’s family. You’re treated like a guest with home cooked meals and you don’t have to do the dishes! This break just might be the time to go hang with your roomies’ childhood friends or meet the parents of that certain someone you have been insurable with since fall quarter.

4. St. Patty’s Day

If you are staying here get ready for the onslaught of tourists in little green hats getting sloppy drunk at 9 a.m. Even for those of us under 21, St. Patrick’s Day is fantastic fun from the music and parade to the bright green fountains.

5. Get on the road

A college road trip is on most everyone’s bucket list and a week is just long enough for it to count while still not break the already tight college student bank account. Pick a direction and start driving. Having a destination is fun, but not planning a thing and saying in sketchy motels is jet as cool.

6. Plan your next home

If you are graduating (yes, we must accept it), take this time to go explore where you plan to move after the inevitable happens. Going for a few days gives you enough time to see the area and maybe interview with a few jobs for employment next year so that you can kick back and relax spring quarter (or, you know, stress out like the rest of us.)

7. Charleston

If you are stuck here for the break but itching to see something new, Charleston isn’t very far at all. It has a lot of the charm of Savannah but with different tourists and restaurants so it’s the perfect not-too-out-there travel spot.

8. Beach Day(s)

Tybee Island is a favorite spot for many, many tourists. But since we all live close enough to not stay at the sand covered motels, it is a perfect spot for us. Pack up your bikinis and a picnic basket (no glass though, Tybee has a strict policy about that) and go out to get that tan we all wished we had back in December.

9. Disney

Orlando is only like 280 miles away. I repeat: 280 miles. That means if you jump in your car when you would for those 8 a.m. classes we all love so much you will be on a roller coaster by lunch! Go get some thrill seeking in the big rides and cross off that childhood nostalgia we have all been missing now that we have to be “mature adults.”

10. Don’t move from your couch

Why are you taking my advice, you could literally never get out of bed for a solid ten days. I’m sure it would require just as much planning as going on a whirlwind adventure but at least it would be from the safe embrace of your comforter.