“When I found out Calvin Klein was coming down to SCADStyle I screamed,” said second-year fashion marketing major, Robin Boston.

Creative industry leaders travel to SCAD annually to talk about art and design at SCADStyle. This Thursday, April 14, fashion design trailblazer and icon, Calvin Klein, will be interviewed by Fern Mallis in the Trustees Theater to share his story of how he created the Calvin Klein empire.

First-year Fashion Marketing major, Marni Kimelman, shared his excitement.  “I’m hoping he will talk about his past and how he started being recognized for suits and coats,” Kimelman said.

In honor of their new #mycalvins campaign for Spring 2016, District photographed SCAD students in different majors representing their field of study in their Calvin’s. One picture of each model will be released every day until Thursday, when Mr. Klein will be interviewed.

“Calvin is truly a visionary,” says Lian Najarian, first-year Fashion Marketing major. “From starting off making coats to his revolutionary denim jeans to his huge line of underwear for men and women today. I cannot wait to see what advice and words of wisdom he has for all the fashion and fashion marketing students here at SCAD.”

Calvin Klein will be speaking at 6:00pm at the Trustees Theater on Thursday, April 14. The event is free and open to the public.