Winners posed proud next to their creations in the sunny beach of Tybee in Sand Arts 2016. Victorious and exhausted, the students worked hard on their incredible pieces, from a giant fish with human legs to a set of fully functional, wind powered bee wings.
Checkout this year’s winners below!

SCAD Alumn Choice

“Bee Watch”

Sarah d’Auriol
Erin Holuto
Nick Place
Brianna Huffman


Sand Sculpture

“Reverse Mermaid”

Spencer Kohl
Madison Ellis
Samantha Green
Julia Chamberlain


Prysmian New Energy Award


Katerina Vander Naten


SCAD Spirit

“Sand Sculpture #42”

Will Penny
Liz Winnil
Britt Spencer


Air Sculpture

“The Bee and the Acorn”

Lulu LaFontaine
Gani Yareu


Sand Castle Winner

“Lonely Island”

Sydney Fowler
Taylor Hutchins
Johnathan Henderson
John Nesselrode