UBUNTU: an evening of food, fun and culture

An abundance of patterned, vibrant art and aromatic food filled the Norris courtyard in celebration of African culture. Ubuntu was an event organized by the SCAD African Student Association and brought together students from all over the world to display art, shoes, bags and other handmade items from African countries.  According to their Facebook page, “Ubuntu” is defined as a quality of essential human virtues; compassion and humanity.

Food being served by ASA members

The relaxed setting encouraged conversation and laughter – some sat down in the “audience” area in front of the screen where a slide show of pictures was being prepared, while others were lining up for the delicious food (understandably). The buffet-style spread consisted of savory and sweet dishes inspired by African cuisine, including samosas and spicy chicken. There was also a wide variety of art, such as paintings of lions and leopards sitting on chairs draped with patterned fabrics. On the large table in front of the music beaded shoes, bags and necklaces were arranged on display.

Beaded shoes for sale

Students at SCAD come from all over the world with different backgrounds. “Ubuntu” was one of many opportunities to not only make friends from all over the world, but to learn more about a  continent’s culture. It was a celebration of Africa, a reminder of SCAD’s diversity and a chance to bring the student community closer. Even though we’re from different places, we all share virtues despite our differences.

Prints and paintings on display