Written by Scarlett Ruggiero

With a jazzy atmosphere–thanks to saxophonist, Zach Powers, and pianist, Brian Dean, both members of Seersucker–Dr. Harrison Scott Key released the paperback version of his book: “The World’s Largest Man: a memoir,” at The Book Lady.

Saxophonist Zack Powers sets the mood.

Musicians Zack Powers and Brian Dean set the mood.

The event started with the reading of Ariel Felton’s humor story: “So you want to hit on the black girl at the bar?”

In her story, Felton explained how a white man should approach a black women at a bar, giving specific tips such as: “First of all, try not to start the conversation with an attempt to show me that you are not racist,” or “You know I am black where it counts, are also very ineffective because I don’t like being lied to, you know what I mean?”

Ariel Felton performs her humor story.

Ariel Felton performs her humor story.

People from all generations laughed at Felton’s jokes. Then Felton introduced — accompanied by music — Dr. Key.

“What you have to do is, you have to laugh when I am funny,” said Key, just before telling the audience how entertaining it was to read reviews from his book, “It’s sort of like having somebody record what people say about you after you leave a party.”

Critics reviews for “The World Largest Man: a memoir” read:

“Smart, funny and wildly engaging […] fans of memoir, personal essays, and humor writing will devour this in one sitting.” –Library Journal

“Both laugh-out-loud funny and observant about the ways we become our parents while asserting ourselves, “The World’s Largest Man is a wise delight.”” –BookPage

“My favorite was what my wife said about it which is ‘it was better that I thought it will be,” Key said, laughing.

The memoir discusses manhood, the relationship between father and son and comments on the contemporary American South. Key read excerpts of the novel giving the audience insight into his reconciliation with his father, and sharing heartfelt and touching memories of his childhood.

The book release finished with Key signing the book — which is now available at most book stores, including E. Shaver and The Book Lady Bookstore, both in downtown Savannah.