1. Foxy Loxy/Coffee Fox

It’s no surprise this is a favorite among locals. With a friendly staff, great atmosphere and superb coffee: what’s not to like? And it’s only a block away from Arnold Hall so if art history is getting under skin, you can always walk the Fox and unwind with some pastries and coffee.  They also host weekly events like comedy nights, wine nights and live music.  It’s tex-mex done right.

Coffee Fox is Foxy’s sister located on Broughton Street. They don’t serve a full menu like Foxy, but their coffee is just as good.

Their horchata latte is ridiculously tasty



2. Sentient Bean

The Bean is vegan paradise. They have dozens of options for vegetarians and it’s right in front of Forsyth park, so you can hop in get some breakfast and then walk down Forsyth park. Or maybe take it to go and make a pseudo-picnic?

Try their frozen vanilla latte, it’s great for a hot day out.


3. Mate Factor

This is perhaps an odd addition to this list since Mate technically does not serve coffee. Instead, they provide a “healthier” alternative called yerba mate. But it’s very tasty and it gives you just as much energy as regular caffeine. Their food is also great and the whole place looks like a hobbit hole. No, seriously. Go see for yourself.

For those new to yerba mate, I recommend you try their Mayan mocha.


4. The Foundery

If you’re into the vintage vibes, ‘60s music and fantastic coffee you’re going to love this place. The whole cafe looks like it’s stuck in an pre-internet era and it’s an awesome hangout. It’s also fairly quiet most of the time, so it’s a perfect study area. Don’t worry, they do have wi-fi.

You have to try their Khaleesi drink. It’s appropriately named.


5. The Collins Quarter

Now if you’re feeling something a bit more sophisticated, swing by Collin’s. It’s very modern-looking and their food is definitely Instagram worthy. They also have a walk-in booth for all their drinks, so you can get your caffeine fix to go.

Their Affogato is amazing.


6. Gallery Espresso

Gallery is the oldest coffeehouse in Savannah, and for a good reason. It’s an adorable place with mismatching couches and awesome pieces from local artists on the walls that change every few weeks.

I recommend their Savannah fog. It’s like a London fog with a southern twist.


7. Savannah Coffee Roasters

This place is a bit of a magic trick. It looks fairly small from the outside but when you walk in you’ll be blown away by how spacious it is. They serve food, coffee and plenty of pastries. The atmosphere is very welcoming, and it’s usually pretty quiet so it’s a great place to study.

Their Iced Frappe is refreshing and delicious.