We all know that college is expensive, but once the weight of that first quarter of tuition is lifted from our shoulders, the urge to spend the money you have left over can be hard to resist. The District staff came together to offer you our best suggestions for saving your pennies so that they can last you through the long four years ahead.

1. Thrift shop

Yeah, you’ve got $20 in your pocket, but that has to last for the next two weeks. The solution? Check out the numerous thrift shops around Savannah for used clothes, furniture and even art supplies. Goodwill, Civvies and Starlandia are great options.


2. Wait to buy art supplies

When you get a syllabus with a two-page-long supply list, it’s best to hold off purchasing the majority of those supplies until the professor tells you they are necessary for an upcoming project — and exactly how much you’ll need. You’ll be saving yourself money and storage space.

3. Don’t buy full-price textbooks

There are a million options out there to purchase discount textbooks instead of buying brand new copies at the campus bookstore. You can buy used copies on Amazon or Chegg.com, as well as rent a copy from Amazon or Ex Libris for a quarter. And, if you take good care of a textbook, you can usually resell it through Amazon, Chegg or Ex Libris.

4. Let SCAD pay you

You know those students at orientation who pointed you in the right direction and answered your mom’s questions? Yeah, they didn’t do that just because they’ve got tremendous school spirit. Orientation Assistants, like Residence Advisers, Student Ambassadors, and tutors, get paid to help SCAD run more smoothly. Even student leaders at District, SCAD Radio and The Manor can earn monthly stipends. Head to MySCAD > My Info > Student Employment to view current SCAD job openings.

5. Make (and follow) a budget

The digital age makes budgeting easy when tools like Mint or your bank’s app can help you keep track of your spending. Another great way to limit your spending is to always carry and pay with cash. Having a finite source of money makes it a lot harder to go over budget, and handing over that last bit of cash makes you think pretty hard about your purchase.


6. Small charges add up

Purchases like your daily latte, the far-too-occasional Uber trip, or trying every potato at Spudnik may not seem like much at the time, but they add up quickly. Make sure you make the most of the on-campus options, like using your pre-paid meal plan and the SCAD bus system, before you spend your money on outside options.

7. Free and For Sale

The campus Free and For Sale Facebook page is a great way to find used college necessities at cheap prices. And when you’re finished with your purchase, you can always relist it to try to make some money back.

8. Use rewards cards

Opening rewards accounts at stores such as Blick and Kroger are simple ways to make sure you get the best deals on art school necessities because you’re going to need an endless supply of gouache and Easy Mac.

9. Apply for SCAD Scholarships

SCAD has a very simple and cool scholarship program that allows you to apply for every SCAD scholarship through one application. The application for the next year opens every spring quarter, so be sure to be active on campus and build up your resume, and you’ll be ready to apply April 1. Just visit MySCAD or call your student success adviser for more information. Scholarships range from modest $1,000 rewards for on-campus involvement to whopping $35,000 rewards for killer portfolios and recommendations from your professors.

Written by Shelby Loebker.