In 2014, Cartoon Network premiered Patrick McHale’s ‘Over the Garden Wall,’ a miniseries about two half-siblings who embark on adventures into the “Unknown.” This ten-episode miniseries, praised for its dark materials and themes, has won several awards, including an Emmy for “Outstanding Animated Program” and a Reuben Award. Despite its short run, ‘Over the Garden Wall’ remains a favorite among children and adults alike and has become a cult-classic, especially during the fall season.

Autumn has officially arrived, bringing “’Over the Garden Wall’ Season” with it and, this year, something even more exciting for fans of the show.

Mondotees, a company specializing in posters, vinyl soundtracks and VHS reissues, unveiled a vinyl record featuring the soundtrack of the series in July, limiting the selling of the record to a view thousand copies sold only at San Diego Comic Con. However — this is where the good news comes in — Mondotees decided to do another release of the vinyl, exclusively on their webstore.

This new package features a colored vinyl, a twenty-page booklet with lyrics and sheet music and original artwork by Sam Wolfe Connelly. The collection, set to be released in November, is now available for preorder at $25.

Follow the link to the Mondotees store to pre-order and enjoy!

You’re welcome.