Written by Colin Rudd

Despite the unexpected disruption caused by Hurricane Matthew, students will still have the opportunity to dress up and celebrate Halloween during the Student Activities Council’s annual Masquerade Ball. After consideration, it has been decided that the event will take place on Saturday, November 5 at 8pm in the SCAD Museum of Art Courtyard.

In the past, this iconic SCAD event has seen its share of unique and exciting themes like “Cybercity,” “Haunted Hollywood,” “Twisted Circus” and last year’s “Carnevil.” But this year things are going to be viciously sweet.

The ball has ambitiously been dubbed: “CandyVorous.” That’s right, we’re talking about carnivorous candy. Students who attend will find themselves wandering into a cute and colorful setting, but all that candy isn’t as nice as it appears. This landscape will soon become a nightmarish reality thanks to the collaboration of campus clubs and the SAC.

“The masquerade is a continuing collaboration with student clubs and organizations. Our first collaboration started with Cybercity in 2014, and from there it’s been growing” said Patty Henke, Director of Student Involvement. “We’ve seen a large shift over to collaborations in the past couple of years.”  Collaboration has allowed for the utilization of skill sets and the expertise of others.

Due to collaborative efforts with clubs such as SCAD’s USITT chapter (U.S. Institute for Theatre Technology) and MOME Love, CandyVorous will feature unique center pieces, covered with tombstones and candy wrappers. Some of which reveal the fate of some of our most beloved candy makers, like Willy Wonka. While SAC doesn’t want to give always all their surprises, they have revealed that USITT is currently working on three large pieces, while MOME Love is producing something they are calling a “digital map.”

The night of the event will showcase even more collaboration as students from all different majors work together to share their unique skill sets. SCAD Radio will DJ for the event, Confidential Dance will be performing, and the swing club will be teaching attendees how to swing dance. In addition, a variety of games will be hosted in collaboration with Res Life, SCAD Serve, and more.

For those looking to show off their costume and makeup skills, SAC will also be hosting a costume contest. By tagging an Instagram photo of your costume with #BeeCandyvorous2016, you’ll be entered into the contest. Winners will be announced during the event to pick up their prizes.

It’s less than week left before the event, but there’s still a lot of work to be done before it’s time to party. SAC is currently on the hunt for volunteers who are interested in collaborating. Specific jobs include helping set up the decorations, swiping people into the ball or taking down the decorations at the end of the night. Email activity@scad.edu to help.

CandyVorous is sure to be a memorable time as students from all majors come together to see the incredible efforts of the dedicated students at SAC and other on campus clubs. While the masquerade has continually been an enjoyment each year, Candyvorous is bound to have many surprises in store.