Photo Courtesy of Comedy Night Facebook Page
Written by Chloe Dascoli 


“I got a job as a fortuneteller, which I didn’t see coming,” jokes comedian Dennis Lopez.

The crowd gathered for Foxy’s newest happening, Comedy Night in the Courtyard. Held the fourth Friday of every month, the event features local talent alongside comedians from outside Savannah.

“I write about what makes me laugh,” said Mike McGuire, comedian, and the host of last month’s event. “If I see something that makes me laugh, I write about it.”

“It takes a lot of nerve,” said audience member, Tessa Presley. “Sometimes people think they’re funny when they aren’t. But I like stand-up.”

“Foxy Loxy is actually one of the newer shows,” said McGuire, who has been in the business of making people laugh for about three years. Foxy is the newest member to join Savannah’s stand-up comedy scene.

One of the first venues to offer stand-up in Savannah was Chuck’s Bar. “It’s a really good show,” said McGuire in reference to the River Street bar, which has been hosting comedian for just over two years. “The Wormhole actually does a lot of shows. They bring in headliners and out of town people.”

“Everybody likes to laugh,” said Presley on the growing comedy community in Savannah. “It brings the community together. It’s a good way to get different types of people in Savannah to come together.”

This was certainly true for the show at Foxy Loxy. The audience, consisting of all demographics, shared a night of laughter despite varying backgrounds. Though Savannah’s comedy scene is still growing, it has the support of the city’s people.