It’s about to get a lot colder in Savannah. If you haven’t, get those winter coats out and prepare for some big drops in temperature.

According to WTOC’s forecaster, John Wetherbee “Snow continues to fall across the southeast from North Georgia” with Atlanta predicted to get as much as four inches of snow. And while most of that will miss us, we might still get a few sleet spots or even a stray flurry here in Savannah this Saturday morning. And as we get more and more cold rain and winds, the thermostat will continue to drop throughout the day, estimated to reach freezing levels of 32 degrees Fahrenheit sometime after noon.

This will carry on throughout the weekend with varying ranges. The highest cold peak of the season will be happening sometime during Monday, with a staggering 23 degrees predicted as the possible lowest point.

If you were hoping to go out and throw a few snowballs this weekend, you might be a little disappointed. But perhaps you shouldn’t lose hope just yet. This could be an indicator of what’s to come as month of January unfolds.