Written by Scarlett Ruggerio 

The Savannah Book Festival will be celebrating its 10-year anniversary at the Telfair Museum and Wright and Chippewa Squares from February 16-19.

The festival will open with a lecture by James Patterson on Thursday, Feb. 16, Colson Whitehead on Friday, Feb. 17, and will close with Christina Baker Kline on Sunday, Feb. 19, all taking place at the Trustees Theater.

This year is very special for the festival, which is going to welcome 41 authors on Saturday, Feb. 18 in historic downtown Savannah. This part of the festival is free and open to the public, with a capacity of 175 to 560 seats.

“We have already sold out on 2 of our 3 headlining speakers (James Patterson, Colson Whitehead, and Christina Baker Kline), which has never happened before,” said Brooks Tompkins, writing graduate, and intern for the Savannah Book Festival.

Tompkins also adds that the festival will be introducing food trucks at the squares where the authors are.

“We have Colson Whitehead with his national book award winning and Oprah book club novel, ‘The Underground Railroad,’ headlining the festival,” Tompkins said.

SCAD President and founder Paula Wallace will present her memoir, “The Bee and the Acorn,” at a 10:10 a.m. discussion on Feb. 18 at the Jepson-Neises Auditorium off Telfair Square. SCAD’s writing professor Jonathan Rabb will also present his most recent novel, “Among The Living,” at the festival at 4 p.m. Feb. 18 at First Baptist Church off Chippewa Square.

“This is the book festival’s biggest and most exciting year by far which has been really cool to be a part of due to the amount of support the city itself has shown,” said Tompkins.

The remaining tickets are on sale for the headlining speaker on Savannah Box Office.

The full schedule is available on the office Savannah Book Festival website.