Written by Patrick Guilford

Organized as a way to fundraise money for Planned Parenthood, local music show, “You Will Hear Us” took place from 7-11 p.m. on Friday, Jan. 20, at Sulfur Studios with a variety of bands performing.

The concept was thought out by one of Sulfur Studios founders, Emily Earl and her friend and musician, Ben Maher in early October. “He came up with the idea to do it on Inauguration Day,” said Earl. “We specifically wanted all the bands to include female musicians.”

These bands included The Lipschitz, Twisty Kat, and Greta O. and the Toxic Shock. “We’re friends with all three bands,” said Earl.

The turnout itself made quite an impact for Planned Parenthood. Earl said, “So earlier today I said that if we could donate $500 from tonight, then I would be happy. We are definitely going to donate more than that. Which is great.”

But this shows more than just money, the event also showed how a community could join together for a cause. As Peter E. Mavrogeorgis from Twisty Cats stated, “I thought the solidarity in Savannah was really apparent when I saw little kids and old people alongside the denizens of Savannah that you would expect.”

Risen after her original band dissipated, SCAD student Rachael Boswell formed The Lipschitz with her boyfriend and fellow SCAD student, Daniel Lynch. They identify themselves as “garage yacht.”

They were recently on tour, which went from Atlanta to New York and back to Savannah. They also have a new record coming out this February.

Twisty Cats made their start-up in New York. Both Blake Olmstead Mavrogeorgis and her husband Peter Mavrogeorgis lived above a bar called Lit.

“It was sort of a hub for different DJs who were doing more rock n’ roll kind of stuff and a lot of underground people,” said Peter Mavrogeorgis.

They both played together after their individual shows.

“Blake and I picked up a Cassio keyboard and guitar and just torture people with our bullshit. We had some good friends in a couple of bands that said to us ‘we love this,’” Mavrogeorgis said.

After moving to Savannah, the Mavrogeorgis’ decided to perform for their friends Gus and Jae; both of whom are part of the band, Boy Harsher.

Now, Twisty Cats are deciding between touring in New York and finishing their first record.

Greta O. & The Toxic Shock is composed of lead singer, Greta O., Derek Lynch, Josh Sterno and The Lipshitz’, Daniel Lynch. Both Lynch brothers, Sterno and Zak Barnum make up the band, Crazy Bag Lady, formed in 2012.

According to Sulfur Studios, all proceeds from the show were donated to Planned Parenthood.