May the Best Ship Win: Hardcore Foam Recap

“We just did an old school military style helicopter, but we put a V motor in it,” said Harry Rightmyer, Industrial Design graduate student and “classed it up a little bit, puts some lights and LED. We worked really well together, so it wasn’t too hard.” Their performance can be seen on the video at 1:12:05.“It was really tough, we spent a lot of time!” Said Abdullah Almubireek and Maximilien Thibault, both Industrial Design graduate students. “But we really enjoyed that. We made this happen, despite our different schedule” Their performance can be seen on the video at 1:16:05“We have to build a two person flying machine, and has to be something to with love too,” said the team. “We took to the military side of the play thing, playing with the love, guns, and that kind of thing! It was very fun overall Their performance can be seen on the video at 1:29:15.“When we just got the theme, it was the first thing that crossed our minds. It was pretty hard to build, but harder to move it,” the team said, laughing. Their performance can be seen on the video at 1:43:40“We are Aliens in the space, and there is love story involve! It was pretty hard” the team nodded, “it took a lot of tape, a lot of materials, sleepless night, team work, pizza monster, caffeine!” Their performance can be seen on the video at 1:35:15“We started with cardboard and basic bone structures, we covered it all up with foamcore, and tape, because we’re only allowed this materials. Basically any paper products. We built an emergency vehicle! It was pretty hard to build, a lot of not sleeping but it was good!” Their performance can be seen on the video at 1:54:20. The sculptures (flying vehicles in this case), which got the most votes, will be exhibited in the lobby until next quarter. Come and check it out!“So basically it took us a full week. The final details have to be put in the last three days. We have some secret reveals; you have to get into them and plan it before, so that’s a lot of thing to think about! Our concept was an old Cadillac, and there’s this fashion thing were old cars are color teal, not all of them but they’re famous. We started from this concept, it’s a kind of doing yourself a flying-machine, so on the side we have a Delta logo on the turbine, so it looked like we stole a Delta’s turbine!” Their performance can be seen on the video at 1:49:30. “It is a pig helicopter, it was a lot of fun to make,” said Valerie Pauli, Industrial Design student. “Some challenges along the way, but I think it came out really really well. It was well constractuted, we are very excited to perform today.

On Saturday, Jan. 28, the Industrial Design event “Hardcore Foamcore” saw 11 teams of students performing against each other. With each quarter comes a new theme and this year, teams of seven or eight students had to build a two seat flying vehicles, while performing a corresponding R&B song.

The event has been going on for six or seven years, but songs have only been required for the past two.

Aaron Heisler, Industrial Design professor and organizer of the event, said the purpose was to do something “very low tech; things they’ve been doing since they were kids, just cutting paper and cardboard.” He also added that the purpose has evolved from class critique into “the biggest thing we do in our building each quarter. We’ve turned it as a performance, it has become a sort of rite of passage in our department.”

Heisler said it’s a great “community” tool because the event brings so many people together every quarter.

Watch the entire live video of the event in on the Hardcore Foamcore YouTube channel here: