Written By Caro Moya

For those who like the thrill of adventure, SCAD Outdoors Club aims to provide more exhilarating alternatives.

SCAD Outdoors Club was officially formed this winter quarter 2017. According to RJ Scalzo, the club’s president and a second-year architecture major from Atlanta, Georgia, the club already has over 120 members on their mailing list.

“I grew up in the Atlanta area, where the Appalachian Mountains are an hour drive away and so we wanted to get a group together where we could try to either find that in Savannah again or to organize a group that might take trips elsewhere,” says Scalzo.

The idea of creating the club has been in the works since fall quarter. Both Scalzo and Sarah JoLynn Wirth, SCAD Outdoors Club’s vice-president, have wasted no time coming up with activities.

“We’re planning a backpacking trip in spring break to the Appalachian Mountains. We’re still working on a specific trail loop but it’s in the process,” says Scalzo. “That idea of doing a 5-day backpacking trip was kind of where the club began.”

SCAD Outdoors Club plans to meet every other week but, due to its unexpected popularity, will meet as a full club only at its organized events. This Friday, Feb. 10 at 1 p.m., they will host a Park Day at Forsyth, where members will get to mingle and enjoy the outdoors. Further meeting days will be posted on the group’s social media pages.

The club has already planned some excursions for the month of February, but there’s plenty more on the horizon. “We’ve joked about going up to Colorado, but that’s probably not going to happen,” Scalzo said. “Perhaps over the summer or next spring [we’re] doing a trip to Cumberland Island. I believe there are wild horses there, and I feel like that’d be a really interesting place to go that’s nearby.”

For more information about the club, activities, and important event dates, check out their Facebook, SCAD Outdoors Club, or their Instagram, @scadoutdoorsclub.