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Alumni Atelier Exhibit Winter’s Work at Forsyth House


Photographed and written by Colin Rudd

On March 9, the doors of Forsyth House opened to reveal the works of this winter quarter’s Alumni Atelier. The alumni included Christian Dunbar (M.F.A., Furniture Design, 2016, B.F.A., 2013), Gabriela Iancu (M.F.A., Photography, 2015) and Tim Kent (B.F.A., Painting, 2014).

Dunbar’s “Element” collection displayed a series of LED light fixtures including a chandelier, two table lamps and a wall display. His designs used organic and industrial materials while placing them in geometric forms. All the pieces utilized acrylic to diffuse the light into a soft, bright strip.

Iancu unveiled a large collection titled “Experiences from the Outside World.” Using digital frames, Iancu displayed moving “still lifes” that felt like windows into another world. Guests could move their hand in front of the frames to swipe through the collection and experience all the images. Her collection was also accompanied by lenticular images, one of which will be featured on the cover of Forbes Magazine.

Kent, who resided in SCAD Atlanta for the atelier, showcased a group of painted, 3D canvases in his “385 Chroma” piece. By using an airbrush and masking each side, Kent cleanly painted the canvas a different color. As the result of his meticulous studies, the placement of each color accentuated the sense of 3D space as the colors played off one another in the same way shading adds depth to a drawing.

This quarter’s Alumni Atelier includes five alumni, including Gabriela Iancu who will be continuing her work at the SCAD Atlanta campus.


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