The Student Activities Council (SAC) will host this spring quarter’s first “Rise & Shine” talk tomorrow, Friday, April 14th at 10 a.m. at the Jen Library.

In continuation with the rest of this themed morning lecture series, started last year, the event is open to all students, faculty and staff and will offer free pastries, coffee and live music before the featured speaker’s lecture.

Jenn Lee, a music coordinator at SAC, said each “Rise & Shine” spotlights a different open-ended theme for the speaker to discuss. Previous lecture themes include “Origins” and “Speed Bumps.”

“All of our “Rise & Shine” themes were come up with the help of our general SAC members,” Lee said. “Since “Rise & Shine” is currently a fairly new event, each lecture has the capacity to seat 50 people. We hope for this event to gain popularity over time.”

This Friday’s talk will be led by SCAD alumni Emily Brazeale (B.F.A. Fashion Marketing), who is now the owner of The Brass Belle near Lafayette Square. Brazeale will be speaking on the theme of “Let’s Talk,” according to Lee.

“The theme chosen was specifically meant to be vague, so students of all backgrounds and majors could relate to the content of the talk,” Lee said. “Our lecture coordinator reached out to several local successful Savannah artists and selected the person who seemed the best fit for this particular talk.”

For Lee, what makes “Rise & Shine” unique to other SCAD lecture series is how the content of each talk is emotionally accessible for any and all students. Lee also said the lecture is a great way for students to start their weekend by attending an event that provides helpful insights on what it is like to grow as an artist after SCAD.

“The themes are purposely broad so that everyone, including faculty, is able to understand the experiences given by the speaker,” Lee said. “The road to success is paved with many speed bumps, but the wisdom given by those who have gone through the experiences already can prove to be extremely motivating and empowering.”

Lee said the “Rise & Shine” series will continue beyond this spring, with two lectures planned for every coming quarter. The next lecture, on Friday, May 19, will focus on the theme of “Eureka!” and will be delivered by a SCAD Alumni Atelier speaker.