This quarter marks the first anniversary of the SCAD SFX Makeup Club, founded by senior Photography Major Janay Whitehead.

“I thought that maybe this would be a good avenue for SCAD to go down, especially for performing arts,” Whitehead said. “It’s not something that anyone thinks is art…I thought it needed to be explored a lot more.”

Whitehead started the SFX Makeup Club with a simple Facebook post addressed to fellow students, and got interested responses right away.

“I got a bunch of emails from different people and then five of them showed up at my apartment and really wanted to be officers and work,” Whitehead said. “It just kept developing. People said, ‘Oh, makeup…I like that, let’s do it!’ There has been steady interest, especially from freshmen. It’s been pretty awesome.”

The SFX Makeup Club is hosting a “Makeup Showcase” in the Montgomery Hall Courtyard on April 29. The event will be a competition inspired by SyFy’s “Face Off,” the same TV show that inspired Whitehead to start the club. The club members have divided into four groups, each of which contains three members and represents some kind of elemental landscape, such as desert, tundra, forest and ocean.

Whitehead hopes the group aspect will help give competitors a taste of what it’s like to collaborate and work in the industry, though the final looks will be judged on an individual basis.

“The challenge is that you have to work together in a group to create cohesive pieces, but in the end, you have your own model to worry about,” Whitehead said.

The SFX Makeup Club is also working with production design and film and television students to create and record the experience of the Makeup Showcase.

Permanent and alternate positions are still available on the teams if any students are interested in participating in the Makeup Showcase. For students who want to get involved without makeup, production designers, photographers and graphic designers can email Finally, students interested in modeling should attend the casting call on April 15 at 3 p.m. in Crites room 213.

The official showcase – “the big reveal,” Whitehead called it – begins at 7 p.m., on April 29 in the Montgomery Hall Courtyard, but competitors will be preparing their models out in the open all afternoon, to give onlookers a glimpse into their process.

Written by Shelby Loebker.