Open Mic Night gets students singing

Photographed by Hunter Scully

SCAD Residence Life held their second Open Mic Night of the spring quarter, themed “Disney Classics,” last Thursday, April 13 at the Coffee Bar located at the Hive. Iviana Rexach, a Resident Advisor at Turner House and a SCAD student ambassador, said the event started last quarter under the name, “Music Chill Nights,” and was hosted every other Thursday evening.

“Then I had many other residents come up to me and my friend Adriana, who was the creator of that program [Open Mic Night], and ask if this was going to keep happening every quarter as well,” Rexach said. “So I decided that I would just keep on that same program, but we changed the name so that it was different this quarter.”

Instead of featuring musical instruments and karaoke solely, Rexach decided to theme the Open Mic Nights.

“If people just wanted to come for Disney, they could just come for Disney,” Rexach said. “Or if they just wanted to come for ’80s revival, they could just do that as well.”

Rexach also wanted to use Open Mic Nights, a Small Community Builder program (SCB), as a way to engage students with other residents from various SCAD residents halls.

Her favorite part of hosting Open Mic Night is seeing everyone who participated come together at the end of the event. Rexach said the students are free to sing, dance, perform comedy or poetry as the program ends.

“I think that the best part is getting the community to come together, because we are a really spread out campus and it’s really hard to get the community to come as one,” Rexach said. “So we try really hard in the first-year area to do that so that people can get to know each other.”