On Friday, April 28, SCAD will unveil a new sculpture in the Alex Townsend Courtyard created by internationally renowned artist Jedd Novatt. The bronze sculpture, titled “Chaos Concepción,” is part of a decade-old series which explores the dynamics of a space while illustrating vivid kinetics and gravity-defying moments.

Like other “Chaos series” pieces, this sculpture features open, linear forms with an emphasis on the space that surrounds it rather than the form it creates.

“I certainly think about asymmetry, inequality and critically, equilibrium moving toward disequilibrium,” Novatt said in a recent interview with the Art Plural Gallery. “There are infinite possibilities in this series, which of course is one of the more challenging aspects. I’m trying to pursue this series to the end.”

While originally working with steel due to its easy availability, Novatt mentioned he was also drawn to the material’s industrial aesthetic. He described how he enjoys the challenges of working with steel and other metals, preferring to overcome the medium’s limitations.

Novatt has had his work exhibited in locations such as the Perez Art Museum, Chatsworth House and the Guggenheim Museum. In fact, his piece “Chaos Mundaka,” which originally was on display at the Guggenheim, is now is on permanent display on SCAD’s Atlanta campus.

“When I travel and see my works in different cities or collections I’m reminded of the uniqueness of each installation due also to the personality of each environment,” Novatt said.

The SCAD Museum of Art is already well known for its innovative exhibits and modern architecture, winning awards such as 2014 AIA Institute Honor Award for Architecture and the National Trust for Historic Preservation Honor Award. The addition of “Chaos Concepción” to the Alex Townsend Courtyard is sure to accentuate and complement the space which students regularly enjoy.

The unveiling, hosted by President Paula Wallace, will begin at 5:30 p.m. and is free and open to the public.

Additionally, for those interested in seeing more of Novatt’s work, the SCAD Museum of Art will also be displaying 15 of his monotypes through June 4 in an exhibit titled “Chaos Pacific.”