This quarter, students have seen SCAD’s new food truck visiting various locations across campus, offering meal plan options cooked on the spot.

SCAD briefly offered another food truck option back in 2012, Electric Eat Carts. About a year ago, Savannah changed the laws and regulations on food trucks, making it possible to have food trucks out and about in the city. Buzzbites, the colorful new replacement for the Electric Eat Carts, will have a changing weekly menu with customizable street food style options.

“We are also working on getting back to our roots, our roots being true to food,” Eric Davidson, Resident District Manager at Bon Appetit said. “Bon Appetit is working toward creating a more customizable menu for students to enjoy at more various locations.”

At Buzz Bytes, the chefs write the menus and, like at all Bon Appetit dining locations, use food from local farmers.

“The biggest change is the authenticity in the food and changing menus and bringing the rainbow of colors and the rainbow of flavors from the vegetables and produces,” Davidson said.

Buzz Bytes is a quick and easy food option for students, like the new Grab and Go selections offered at the Turner Deli and the Hive. The service improved the deli’s wait time by reducing the number of people in line, making it more accessible for their busy student schedules.

Heather Carbone, Marketing Manager at Bon Appetit, said Bon Appetit benefits from student comments.

“Bon Appetit could really use student feedback,” Carbone said. “We also publish a lot of information on our social media pages.”

Students can also see what different dining halls are currently serving via the SCAD app, under Dining and Dining Locations.

Bon Appetit asks students to also fill out surveys to help them improve and solve any issues that may occur. Surveys are always available at the registers and can be returned to any Bon Appetit employee.

Students can learn more about daily specials and menu options by following Bon Appetit on social media.