This past Wednesday, SCAD Dramatic Writing Alumna Allison Hirsch presented her lecture titled “Pitching Makes Perfect: Selling Yourself and Your Work” at Arnold Hall. Hirsch currently works for Walt Disney World as a writer for their live park entertainment, crafting pitches and scripts. During her lecture, she emphasized the importance of networking and always being prepared to sell yourself and your work.

Allison Hirsch began her presentation talking about Disney and the different departments and jobs within the creative side, especially within writing. Using her skills in script writing, she had a chance to be a part of the 25th anniversary of Hollywood Studios and the Star Wars Weekend, as well as helping create the script for a Frozen musical and live sing along experience.

Hirsch stressed the importance of always being ready and prepared; after simply going to a presentation by Disney, she learned of writing internships and their deadline the coming Friday. “So, I quickly threw my portfolio together again — always be ready— and submitted it, and ended up getting the interview and then the internship.” Had she not been at the presentation when she was, as well as being ready with her work, the opportunity would have been lost to her.

Through her lecture, Hirsch detailed the process of writing and pitching a concept and script to a company. An intricate web of collaboration between producers, directors, actors, writers and production staff is navigated every time a new idea is born, one that Hirsch could only maneuver with her skills and willingness to try.

Students asked many questions about the process of pitching and writing, as well as how to have a great portfolio and how to have an equally successful interview. By the end, students made appointments with Hirsch for the following day to have a mock interview as well as have their work critiqued.

The workshop was hosted by the office of Career and Alumni Success, in the effort to further prepare students for their creative careers with the help of an emerging industry professional.