Every academic year, SCAD’s Institutional Effectiveness Department identifies, coordinates and evaluates opportunities to measure the success of the university across all areas. These evaluations vary from the delivery of courses, to the impact of SCAD events and initiatives, to the effectiveness of student support services.

According to university Director of Assessment, Gina Magharious, SCAD employs a comprehensive and robust quality assurance system known as SCAD Student Surveys that solicits feedback regularly from a variety of stakeholders, which include students, faculty, alumni as well as industry professionals.

This means all of SCAD’s signature events, including deFINE ART and aTVfest, are assessed through online surveys distributed to faculty and students, Magharious said. The university also assesses extended learning opportunities which are designed to better prepare students for their academics and future careers. These events include the First Year Experience and the SCAD Career Fair.

During the spring quarter, SCAD administers two comprehensive surveys, known as the Noel Levitz Student Satisfaction Inventory (NL-SSI) and the SCAD Student Survey, to all SCAD students. Magharious said these surveys provide the university with a big picture view of the student experience.

The NL-SSI is administered by thousands of universities nationwide. According to Magharious, it is an externally-developed, standardized survey that measures how well universities are meeting their students’ expectations.

Each year, SCAD administers the NL-SSI to a random selection of courses in the fourth week of the spring quarter, Magharious said.

“This survey is administered on paper to ensure a high response rate and to distinguish the survey from the SCAD Student Survey, which is administered online during the same quarter,” Magharious said. “The SCAD Student Survey is an internally-developed survey that addresses SCAD-specific administrative and academic areas not measured by NL-SSI.”

The SCAD Student Survey is administered online starting the first week of spring quarter. According to Magharious, this survey remains open through the majority of spring quarter.

Magharious said the institutional effectiveness department shares survey data with SCAD stakeholders to help the university make evidence-based decisions that continuously elevate the SCAD student experience.

“Because student feedback plays a pivotal role in enhancing learning, resources and support services across the university, it is very important that students participate in surveys and provide thoughtful, candid and relevant responses,” Magharious said.

Written by Emilie Kefalas.