On May 9 Martin Lesjak, founder and creative director of INNOCAD, gave a full room lecture at the SCAD Museum focusing on transcending boundaries within creative fields.

Lesjak started the lecture with a PowerPoint presentation that showed INNOCAD’s history and accomplishments. INNOCAD is an architecture and design company with a small crew composed of design professions from interior designers to sound designers.

“Our specialization is to have no specialization,” said Lesjak.

INNOCAD’s motto can be understood by the words that composed the company’s name: INterdisciplinary, NOn-conformist, CAring, Distinctive.

“It all started with a question that Anastasia Su—my partner in business and life—brought up one day. How can we create things, spaces or realities that we do not only possess and use but also love?”

Among the many approaches Lesjak presented, one was Architectural Fashion in an installation. It showcased fashion inspired by INNOCAD’s projects: Golden Nugget, Moving Floors and Rolling Stone.

“It connects all the different disciplines that we’re working in in one installation,” said Lesjak of the project.

“We took three architectural projects and we translated them into fashion design,” said Lesjak. “The whole thing was surrounded by sound inspiration, sound case that was related to each project.”  The exhibit was a demonstration of what Lesjak called a transdisciplinary project.

Lesjak and his team are currently working on a museum in Dubai, a school complex in Saudi Arabia, a townhouse in Brooklyn, New York—one of Lesjak’s favorite projects—and corporate headquarters throughout the world.

The event concluded with a Q&A. As Lesjak shook hands with SCAD students he encouraged them all to continue to transcend their creative boundaries and to build upon their unique artistic identities.

Written by Scarlett Ruggiero.